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handwriting meme!! ☆〜(ゝ。∂)(forgive my unreadable scrawl orz) thanks erichansenpai for tagging me!

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If giving up my life can reset the world… I will gladly offer it.”

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That day, people all over the world saw one minute into their future. However, like a dream, it quickly faded from memory, So not many people would dwell on this mysterious phenomenon. But for wizards who were in the middle of battle, seeing one minute into the future made a difference between life and death.

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12 days of snk: favorite titan shifter
↳ annie leonhardt

"Why in this world are the people most capable of opposing the Titans the only ones given the privilege of avoiding them entirely?"

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current status:

very worried for this flame nugget


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It's okay, I will protect you no matter what.
Please believe in me.